Hello everyone. Our last service for Live broadcast will end March 1st!!! We will not be broadcasting for another 2 month’s so please spread the word, we will not be Broadcasting Live due to moving camera Equipment and technical Equipment to the New church!!! Please spread the Word!!! that we Will Not be broadcasting starting March 8th!!! Sorry for this inconvenience. Thanks for your patience. God Bless!


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Recent Events

Recent Online  Service 12.24.14

12.24.14 // Church of Grace CHRISTMAS LIVE

Andrey Shapoval Sermon 05.18.14

On the 16th Birthday of Church of Grace we were blessed to have Andrey Shapoval to share a powerful word.

Grace 16th Birthday Skit 05.18.14

05.18.14// Church of Grace 16th Birthday Skit

Благословенный Отец! Во имя Иисуса, Сына Твоего, благослови каждую душу,которая заходит на эту страничку, помажь елеем радости их. Я ничто пред Тобою,я прах. Помоги мне стоять пред величием Твоим в прахе и пепле.” Тебе расти, а мне умаляться”.