GymJrs at Church of Grace

We gather every Thursday at 7:00 PM for fellowship. Our Goal is to grow spiritually together, become good friends and together praise our God. We have many talents, and they are all for the Glory of God Almighty! Enjoy our presentation... God Bless you :)

We began with a group of 15 Gym Jr's just two years ago, since then our group grew to 60-70 people. Praise God! We are open to youth teenagers from our church and outside of church. God changed lives of many and some accepted Christ as their as their own Savior and are now born again Christians! Praise God!


Every Thursday we start off with worship and then with practical messages from our leaders. Some of us have started preaching too, it is a bit stressfull but we enjoy it. There are times when we get guest speakers. We are eager to learn new things! We are hungry for God's word and thirsty for His Spirit! Please pray for us...

Fun Times

Skits, plays, drama, competitions and celebrations...

Making memories and having great times...


Just the way you are...

This play was based on a story of Max Lucado, Christian author, Story underlines the importance of being your self, having a kind heart and readiness to do good deads.

Summer Camp 2010

Teens at Church of Grace are very talented. Our goal is to discover the talents and multiply them for God's glory!

Let all things be done decently and in order...(Bible)

- Temple of Your Heart -

Learning God's principles for our daily lives

Worshipping one who is worthy!!!!

Come and join us!!!!

Gym Jr. age: 12-15

Thursday at 7:00 PM

Elijah & Nadia

GYM age: 15+

Sunday at 7:00 PM

Yaroslav & Liliya

Pastor: Pavel & Alyona Golosinskiy

GYM = Grace Youth Ministries