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Pavel Golosinskiy

Pastor Pavel Golosinkiy is the Founding Pastor of Church of Grace and has been the senior pastor since its beginning. Since then he has faithfully led the church, delivering powerful biblical messages that encourage righteous living and complete reliance on God.

Pastor Pavel is deeply convinced that church itself is the property of God Himself, and it must exclusively follow His will and goal. In such following, the church experiences an ongoing transformation from within, changing surrounding community.

Pastor Pavel and wife Alyona have two children – Richard and Virsavia. His family loves fellowshipping together and working on their developing “farm”, which is located in suburbs where they reside.

Pastor Pavel does not have any special hobbies to mention, and like his wife often jokes: he does not really need a hobby, as his ministry brings him all the joy and satisfaction that most hobbies would not measure up to.


The Family

pastor and wife
Pastor and Family