Prayer Team


“Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Gal. 6:2 Calling of Apostle Paul is actual today. Using today’s technology we have an opportunity to serve each other on the distance, including many people. Ten prayer chains (8-10 people in every group) are active in church of Grace.

All pressing, urgent needs, gratitude, and thanks are passed on from one person in a group to another prayer group member by the phone and continue to pray for it with passion as their own. At an appointed time all group members of the prayer chain get together to pray, and discuss any changes or updates.

If you have urgent needs or critical moments in your life, please, call us and we will stand for you before God in prayer.


Contact Info:

Lyubov (360) 524-1833

Natalya (503) 810-0571

Svetlana (503) 805-7744

God bless you!