About Russian School

Russian language school at Church of Grace has been operating for 11 years. It was opened in 2000 and since then a lot of work, skills and knowledge were invested into the school by the founder and first director Senchenko Maria Ivanovna (Portrait).

All the work of the teaching staff of the school aims at strengthening the education of our children’s Russian language, preserving the Russian language in immigration conditions. It’s no secret that children learn new languages very quickly like English, which leads to a loss of the Russian language. Knowledge of multiple languages as always been a sign of not only an intelligent individual, but also an important economic factor, particularly in the context of globalization. Any company always prefers the individual who speaks not only in one language but multiple languages.

There is another very important reason why our children should know the Russian language. In the absence of a Russian language environment children forget the Russian language and English gradually becomes the language of communication. This is seen as a danger for parents in losing contact with their children. This can lead to serious consequences like the leaving of the growing generation from the church of Christ.

The teaching of Russian in our school starts for children from 5-6 years of age. Children over 7 years of age go through the full Russian language course required for proper writing, reading and speaking.

The school programs have been developed for each grade: 1-6 grades. In addition to learning the Russian language in 2010 a mathematics class was opened, and plans to open a literary-historical class for older children are in process.

The school has a library, which contains the best examples of Russian classical and Christian literature. The school teachers are professionals who have appropriate education and great experience.

The collective of the school is to solve the basic problems:

- To teach children the basics of Russian language, reading and writing

- To instill a love for the Russian language, encourage children to talk in Russian;

- Introduce Russian culture, foster, and strengthen each child’s spiritual identity;

- On the basis of Christian literature to educate the high spiritual and moral values: love for God, people, respect and obedience to parents and older people, kindness, mercy, diligence, etc.

In the planning of lessons for the study of letters is taken from the Russian book named Christian Alphabet. In the library, children’s bibles from the series My First Bible are available in English and Russian. The Russian language school plays a large role in educational work.

Heaven is not for the maturation of the children of God. Parenting can be given to them only here in this world where God has placed us. We teachers are well aware of that. The school conducts outside the classroom activities too such as: twice a year we celebrate book birthdays, dedicated to the beloved children’s writers (eg: Book – Your Best Friend, In the World of Fairy Tales), visits to parks, “Hello School” celebration, and celebration of the last call or graduation.

Russian school at Church of Grace is the present and future. It opens wide doors in front of each of its graduate’s to their road in life.

We invite your children to learn the Russian language in our school.