Gateway Youth Ministries (Gateway YM)

Youth Structure

The structure of our youth consists of multiple commitment circles. The purpose of commitment circles is to keep our members in sight as well as to give some feedback as to where one is with regard to their journey in Christ. They are by no means a measure of salvation but rather of spiritual growth. So the commitment circles are as follows. First and outermost is “all the people” in the proximity of 45 minutes from our church. Second are those who attend our youth services at least 75 percent of the time, this second circle is called “regulars”. Next comes the circle of “members”, this group of people not only attends our youth services 75 percent of the time but also attends cell groups 75% of the time. In order to be able to be water baptized by church, young man or woman needs to be a part of the “members” circle. Next comes the circle of “devoted”, they fulfill previous requirements and also dedicate 15 minutes of personal bible study and 15 minutes of prayer a day. Last and the innermost circle is the “core”, being in a core one needs to attend youth services and cell groups 75 percent of the time, commit 20 minutes of bible study and 20 minutes of prayer each day, and be able to directly minister to people.

Youth Service

Our youth service takes place in our main church building every Sunday at 6:15 p.m. The goal of every youth service is to bring young men and women into the presence of our living God. We strive for an atmosphere of a family where every child of God feels welcomed and accepted. Our worship team provides an excellent guidance for engaging oneself in true worship. Our sermons conducted by main speakers from our church will quench your spiritual hunger and guide you in your salvation journey.

Cell Groups

Currently we have five cell groups that offer deep bible study and provide place for spiritual growth. Cell groups are distinguished by their leaders and also by the nature of the direction that the cell group is taking. Cell group led by Vitaliy Syulyukov is designed for youth 21 and over offers deeper insights on scripture. Cell group led by Sam Kilyukh consists only of men and focuses on systematic study of the Bible; the cell group meets every Friday at 7 p.m. Cell group led by Liza Nikitchuk consists of girls only and they too meet of Friday at 7 p.m. Dima Tsugupalo leads a cell group that responds to the need of those involved in some service on Friday and therefore the cell group meets on Saturdays. Cell group led by Alex Aseyev also studies bible systematically with occasional trips to minister to homeless people in Portland area.

Gym Café

Every Sunday Gym Café opens up at 8 p.m. in the lower auditorium in the main building of our church. Offering wide selection of coffee and great meal menu our café presents a perfect place for young people to converse with each other. The goal that drives our café is to create an atmosphere for fellowship among youth. Most of the time there is no planned program for this part of our service; nevertheless on occasions we take liberty to engage our audience with live music, karaoke, board games and other types of activities.

Missionary Trips

GYM on average conducts one missionary trip a year, with some exceptions during those years when we were too busy with other events. Previous years we went to Russia and were successful in setting up a small church in the city of Alapayevsk located in Sverdlovsk province of Russia. Prior to our arrival, there was not a single church in that area. Last year we conducted a missionary trim into Northern Mexico bringing Christ and humanitarian aid into some of the poorest regions of Mexico.

Youth Camp

Every year GYM conducts a fabulous youth camp. The goal of our camp is to bring youth closer to Christ and develop unity and character through various activities. Our last boot camp focused majorly on team work as camping audience were split into different tribes and wellbeing of each tribe depended on its individual members. Filled with worship and preaching from church’s leading speakers, it turned out to be a great success in bonding our youth. This year’s camp planned to be August and is expected to bring even more blessings.